Dropping out – an education tragedy

Dropping out – an education tragedy by Nancy Knowlton
The rate at which children are dropping out of schools in North America is tragic. Raising the rate of graduation must be a local, regional and national imperative.
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Requiem for a dropout

Requiem for a dropout by Tony Mullen
I watched the large chicken jump up and down on the cold sidewalk, flapping its wings at passing motorists. A few cars stopped to snap photographs of the large hen and one teenage boy yelled "Get a real job!"
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A Thanksgiving present

Autumn leaves
I hadn’t ever thought about receiving (or giving) a gift for Thanksgiving, so receiving one was both a surprise and a joy.
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Why I teach

Why I teach by Tony Mullen
The reasons why I teach are not straightforward or simple. They come from my experiences as a child and as an adult. I hope those experiences help me to better understand children in my classrooms.
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