Falling down and getting up – again and again

Falling down and getting up – again and again by Nancy Knowlton
Most of the time we have to take what life throws at us and find a way to make it work, because a lot of things are hard to control. Ideally, we will believe in ourselves and discover that we’ve been successful.
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Having fun telling and selling

Having fun telling and selling by Nancy Knowlton
We once had a vice president of North American sales who couldn’t have been more suited to his role. He knew how to sell products like no one else I knew. And he did it through being authentic and engaging meaningfully with custom
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Visually speaking

Visually speaking by Nancy Knowlton
When I give a presentation, I want to know that my audience is engaged. I’ve learned that engagement works best when I use a visually speaking strategy.
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You are what you think

You are what you think by Nancy Knowlton
We each have a choice as to how we contribute to the thinking process of those around us, at home, at school, at play and at work. Ensuring that we contribute in a healthy and positive way, even as we ask for higher levels of perf
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Realizing a teaching and learning dream

Realizing a teaching and learning dream by Nancy Knowlton
Ask a group of teachers why they chose their profession, and the answer that you will most often hear is about making a difference in the lives of children. Most often, teachers were good students themselves, and they want nothing
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Worrying – what a waste

High Jumper
Building SMART Technologies didn’t come easily. I worried a great deal about money, staff and the multitude of responsibilities. Looking back, the energy I put into worrying and the concurrent loss of sleep didn’t help me or the b
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Encouraging innovation and invention

Red apple in basket of green apples
Years after creating the SMART Board interactive whiteboard, we find we’re still curious about how things work and our interest in coming up with new ideas hasn't abated. We've learned that valuing ideas encourages innovation and
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Where new products come from

Do you ever wonder where new products come from? Who gets the ideas and then how do the products make their way into common usage? It really is quite a process to get new products into users’ hands. There are many people that have
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Right tool for the job

Hammer hitting nail
Desired student outcomes has to be top of mind when choosing the right tool or product in the classroom.
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What the OBE reminded us about giving thanks

What the OBE reminded us about giving thanks by Nancy Knowlton
Receiving awards that recognize achievements gives one pause to reflect on the many efforts of the people involved in the journey.
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