Revealing character through sport

Revealing character through sport by Nancy Knowlton
Years ago, I found some surprising behavior from others when I became proficient as a squash player. It made me reflect on what you learn about character through sport.
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Falling down and getting up – again and again

Falling down and getting up – again and again by Nancy Knowlton
Most of the time we have to take what life throws at us and find a way to make it work, because a lot of things are hard to control. Ideally, we will believe in ourselves and discover that we’ve been successful.
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CEO arrogance or absurdity

CEO arrogance or absurdity by Nancy Knowlton
I’ve met all kinds of people over the years, and I’ve come away from those experiences recognizing how important it is to be professional, respectful and considerate with anyone I meet.
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Having fun telling and selling

Having fun telling and selling by Nancy Knowlton
We once had a vice president of North American sales who couldn’t have been more suited to his role. He knew how to sell products like no one else I knew. And he did it through being authentic and engaging meaningfully with custom
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Visually speaking

Visually speaking by Nancy Knowlton
When I give a presentation, I want to know that my audience is engaged. I’ve learned that engagement works best when I use a visually speaking strategy.
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Beware the sycophant

Beware the sycophant by Nancy Knowlton
Sycophants are a drain on an organization in so many ways. Organizations must highly value the questioners, the naysayers, the ones who see the world differently than the rest, not the yes men and suck ups.
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Earning business ethically and responsibly

Earning business ethically and responsibly by Nancy Knowlton
Operating our business ethically and responsibly with everyone we deal with is a core part of our values and makes for a sustainable enterprise.
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You are what you think

You are what you think by Nancy Knowlton
We each have a choice as to how we contribute to the thinking process of those around us, at home, at school, at play and at work. Ensuring that we contribute in a healthy and positive way, even as we ask for higher levels of perf
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Failing to succeed

Failing to succeed by Nancy Knowlton
Failing doesn’t have to mean failure. In my case it led to the development of new skills and an early focus on my business career.
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The power in a team

The power in a team by Nancy Knowlton
The power of a cohesive team is often demonstrated both in sports and in business. Unity and executing against a plan can make a team successful despite improbable odds.
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