Beware the mean-spirited and nasty

Beware the mean-spirited and nasty by Nancy Knowlton
Through many years of running businesses, I’ve unfortunately encountered some mean-spirited and nasty people. My recommendation is to recognize them for who they are and terminate the relationship as soon as possible.
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Don’t talk to me about balance

Don't talk to me about balance by Nancy Knowlton
As long as people have a say about the amount of time they spend on work versus other activities, it’s likely they’ll feel they’ve achieved the right work-life balance for them. It really should be a personal choice, and it’s not
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Heading for home

Heading for home by Nancy Knowlton
Developing a relationship with my horse when I was young taught me a lot about relationships overall. Joker taught me that we did best together when we both gave in a bit to one another’s demands.
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You just never know

You just never know by Nancy Knowlton
In my experience, the best approach when working with a team involved in making a purchase decision is to assume everyone has a say rather than conclude one or two people will make the final call.
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Beware the naysayer

Beware the naysayer by Nancy Knowlton
It’s helpful and necessary to have multiple perspectives on an opportunity, including from those who say no. But a person should never play the role of naysayer over and over.
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Money and more for your start-up

Money and more for your start-up by Nancy Knowlton
Having been on both sides of entrepreneurship – starting businesses and financing businesses, I have some advice on where to focus your efforts to help ensure success.
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Emphasize the positive

Emphasize the positive by Nancy Knowlton
Focusing on what needs to be done and not what doesn’t need to be done is the best way to achieve the desired outcome.
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Be neither seen nor heard

Be neither seen nor heard by Nancy Knowlton
Compared to my work experience when I finished high school, companies today encourage staff to share ideas and concerns about the workplace – and with good reason.
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Leadership lingo

Leadership lingo by Nancy Knowlton
For me, everyone can be a leader. Leadership is a mindset that everyone can cultivate. It’s not a position on an organization chart.
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One-faced all the time

One-faced all the time by Nancy Knowlton
I’ve had some interesting opportunities over the years to meet many different types of people, including politicians. I’m afraid I have come away from some experiences rather surprised and disappointed about duplicitous behavior.
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