Business Management

Respecting entrepreneurs – II

respect from dictionary
As business starters, Dave and I were under no illusion that anybody owed us anything (investment or business) or that we were important in any way.
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Respecting entrepreneurs – or not

vultures sitting on a dead tree
Raising capital is something that almost every entrepreneur must do to, in some cases, simply to survive, and, in other cases, to grow.
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Above the law – guilty and unrepentant

business man insider trading
We met a successful and well-known business person whose success had fed an oversized ego. Shortly after, he was found guilty of insider trading and sent to jail. What a waste.
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The reality of justice – in the right but unable to act

male driver with road rage
I have learned that sometimes being in the right does not mean justice will prevail. I have also learned to accept this reality and move on.
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Needless reminder – please consider the environment

Plant sprouting out of shredded paper
Solving the problem of our impact on the environment should be left to the experts so that appropriate and meaningful solutions are discovered. Exhorting people to think twice about their own actions isn’t as effective an approach as it might seem.
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Recognizing and dealing with mental illness

chalkboard with help message
Tragedies occur all around us because of mental illness. We need to put our heads together and find a way to help with the problem. Inaction is not an option.
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Motivational posters can be so demotivating

blank posters on a wall
I have no idea who invented the motivational poster, but I am fairly certain that it was someone who knew little to nothing about human nature or motivation.
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Seeing below the surface

Two man exchanging money under a table
Annually, Intel went to great effort to bring together the CEOs of its investee companies to both deliver information about its strategy and allow CEOs to mix and mingle in an atmosphere that was conducive to forging business relationships.
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