A Child’s First Teacher

A Child's First Teacher by Tony Mullen
My mother died and then she disappeared. The last time I saw her was when she was lying on the kitchen floor. I thought she fainted because the oven door was open and the room was very hot.
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Thoughts about the blog

Thoughts about the blog by Nancy Knowlton
Regularly writing articles for my blog has proven to be an enjoyable and interesting experience. I have lots of material to draw from because of my many years involved in high-level global business dealings.
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A Tale of Two Schools

Growing up in New York City presented many challenges but one of them was not dealing with snakes. I fear snakes. The very word snake elicits a creepy, tingling sensation around my ankles. But what benign synonym do I substitute f
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Generous by Nancy Knowlton
Teachers the world over are generous with their encouragement and criticism of their students, all for their development and success. Let’s extend our generosity back to those teachers and express our appreciation and respect for
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We Need a National Teacher Monument

We Need a National Teacher Monument by Tony Mullen
I'm remembering a visit a few months ago to Washington, where I strolled with tourists along the National Mall and past the museums and monuments so many of us came to see.
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You are what you think

You are what you think by Nancy Knowlton
We each have a choice as to how we contribute to the thinking process of those around us, at home, at school, at play and at work. Ensuring that we contribute in a healthy and positive way, even as we ask for higher levels of perf
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Bullies by Tony Mullen
The young girl was left hanging from the tree. Everyone knew who she was but no one would step forward to cut the rope. She had few friends in life and fewer friends in death.
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The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come

The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come by Tony Mullen
My experience visiting one of my students in a correctional facility led me to reflect on the difficult lives some of them have. I hope everyone gets a chance to put their mistakes behind them so they lead happy, fulfilled lives.
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Thinking holistically about education

Thinking holistically about education by Nancy Knowlton
Thinking back to my participation in an Alberta government commission on education in 2002-3 has lead me to reflect on what other jurisdictions could and should do about their vision for education. It takes time and commitment to
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Teachers should be seen and not heard

Teachers should be seen not heard by Tony Mullen
I felt like a fly on the wall listening to numerous state governors, a state senator, a Harvard professor and author, and a moderator talk about their experiences at an education conference. When I finally spoke up, one by one the
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