A chance interaction with delighted customers

A chance interaction with delighted customers by Nancy Knowlton
It was a marvelous chance encounter with 2 young men who had enthusiastically used SMART Board interactive whiteboards in school.
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Shut out with 43 rejections

Shut out with 43 rejections by Nancy Knowlton
Our effort to enlist investors for SMART was for naught. No one would invest. With hindsight, that gave us the control we needed to grow the company.
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Whipping the mule

Whipping the mule by Nancy Knowlton
It’s a good idea to understand what motivates you when you become an entrepreneur. You might be surprised to figure out that money isn’t the only driving force or even the prime motivator.
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Digital Media Pioneer Award from Grand

Digital Media Pioneer Award from Grand by Nancy Knowlton
Last week Dave and I received an award from Grand, Canada’s Digital Media Network Centres of Excellence, at its annual conference held in Ottawa. It was a lovely event, mostly because the people who were involved in the award conv
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Taking personal safety and freedom for granted

Taking personal safety and freedom for granted by Nancy Knowlton
Seeing a CEO of a Fortune 100 company being protected by bodyguards prodded me to reflect on safety and freedom. We shouldn’t take either for granted.
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But we are French

But we are French
It’s imperative that we learn lessons from one another and from other countries and cultures, and learn them fast. If we wait for personal experience, progress will be too slow.
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International business dealings

International business dealings by Nancy Knowlton
Trying to understand the subtleties of politics in countries around the world is tricky. My philosophy in all business transactions has been to engage honestly and sincerely and to let the product and business deal demonstrate the
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Mind the gap

Mind the gap by Nancy Knowlton
Experiences in your day-to-day life can lead to thinking about things that could be changed. Before you know it, you could have an idea that you want to bring to life that can translate into a successful business.
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Get moving

Get moving by Nancy Knowlton
The difference in my activity level between my childhood days and when I started working was dramatic. It took a concerted effort to incorporate activity in my life again, but I’m glad I did.
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School district consolidation

School district consolidation by Nancy Knowlton
Trying to improve something as large as education funding means all ideas need to be on the table, including some that at first blush appear to have challenges. Taking an approach of how school district consolidation could work is
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