Beware the flip-flopper

Beware the flip-flopper by Nancy Knowlton
My experience with a boss who flip-flopped on a decision and made me responsible for the situation taught me to work hard at not doing this to others.
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Whipping the mule

Whipping the mule by Nancy Knowlton
It’s a good idea to understand what motivates you when you become an entrepreneur. You might be surprised to figure out that money isn’t the only driving force or even the prime motivator.
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Holding my tongue

Holding my tongue by Nancy Knowlton
Wanting to respond quickly to defend yourself or the company you work for when unreasonable allegations occur is a natural reaction. I have found that initially holding my tongue and more broad-based thinking and due consideration
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Do nothing, say nothing, be nothing

Do nothing, say nothing, be nothing by Nancy Knowlton
While we may think about financial risk in entrepreneurship, there’s another risk inherent in taking the leap – criticism. If you want to make the leap to entrepreneurship, you need to grow a thick skin.
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Money and more for your start-up

Money and more for your start-up by Nancy Knowlton
Having been on both sides of entrepreneurship – starting businesses and financing businesses, I have some advice on where to focus your efforts to help ensure success.
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What the OBE reminded us about giving thanks

What the OBE reminded us about giving thanks by Nancy Knowlton
Receiving awards that recognize achievements gives one pause to reflect on the many efforts of the people involved in the journey.
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At Buckingham Palace for Dave’s investiture

David Martin and Prince William
The whole process of receiving an OBE is quite quiet and, some would say, mysterious. It turned out to be an amazing day with Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, performing his first investiture, on the Queen’s behalf.
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Taking on new challenges

Open for business sign
After taking some time to consider emerging trends and possible disruptions, it's time to get to work and make some of these big ideas into products and companies that can change the world.
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Changing the world

Person pushing heavy weight
From difficult beginnings to struggles with accelerating growth and competition, SMART was always more than taking a novel idea and making it into a successful product. It was a higher calling to change the world.
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