Get moving

Get moving by Nancy Knowlton
The difference in my activity level between my childhood days and when I started working was dramatic. It took a concerted effort to incorporate activity in my life again, but I’m glad I did.
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School district consolidation

School district consolidation by Nancy Knowlton
Trying to improve something as large as education funding means all ideas need to be on the table, including some that at first blush appear to have challenges. Taking an approach of how school district consolidation could work is
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Falling down and getting up – again and again

Falling down and getting up – again and again by Nancy Knowlton
Most of the time we have to take what life throws at us and find a way to make it work, because a lot of things are hard to control. Ideally, we will believe in ourselves and discover that we’ve been successful.
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CEO arrogance or absurdity

CEO arrogance or absurdity by Nancy Knowlton
I’ve met all kinds of people over the years, and I’ve come away from those experiences recognizing how important it is to be professional, respectful and considerate with anyone I meet.
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A most important decision

A most important decision by Nancy Knowlton
Prioritizing your relationships, particularly your choice of spouse, can lead to a wealth of happiness. If you have this form of happiness, you will be rich indeed.
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Disabled temporarily

Disabled Temporarily by Nancy Knowlton
Experiencing what it is like to be disabled, even if it’s only for a couple of months, brings awareness about accessibility. Much has been done, but so much more could be done.
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Maintaining a great relationship

Couple on motorcycle
Even though we've been married for close to 28 years, we keep it fresh and fun. A little silliness goes a long way in the very serious business of commitment. Sharing and caring is an important ingredient for happiness.
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What the OBE reminded us about giving thanks

What the OBE reminded us about giving thanks by Nancy Knowlton
Receiving awards that recognize achievements gives one pause to reflect on the many efforts of the people involved in the journey.
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At Buckingham Palace for Dave’s investiture

David Martin and Prince William
The whole process of receiving an OBE is quite quiet and, some would say, mysterious. It turned out to be an amazing day with Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, performing his first investiture, on the Queen’s behalf.
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