Caught in a lie

Caught in a lie by Nancy Knowlton
If you believe you are justified in pursuing a matter legally, make sure you do so honestly and have all the facts sorted out. It’s best to not get in a legal wrangle as in most instances it is only the lawyers who consistently wi
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Whipping the mule

Whipping the mule by Nancy Knowlton
It’s a good idea to understand what motivates you when you become an entrepreneur. You might be surprised to figure out that money isn’t the only driving force or even the prime motivator.
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Digital Media Pioneer Award from Grand

Digital Media Pioneer Award from Grand by Nancy Knowlton
Last week Dave and I received an award from Grand, Canada’s Digital Media Network Centres of Excellence, at its annual conference held in Ottawa. It was a lovely event, mostly because the people who were involved in the award conv
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Taking personal safety and freedom for granted

Taking personal safety and freedom for granted by Nancy Knowlton
Seeing a CEO of a Fortune 100 company being protected by bodyguards prodded me to reflect on safety and freedom. We shouldn’t take either for granted.
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Mixing business and politics

Mixing business and politics by Nancy Knowlton
My invitation to what I presumed was a business luncheon, only to find out it was a political fundraiser, reinforced the view Dave and I share that politics has no place in the business world.
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A deal’s a deal

A deal’s a deal by Nancy Knowlton
Even if I haven’t been happy with some deals that have been made, I have always stuck to them. To do otherwise inconveniences plans others have made and ultimately is disrespectful. Following through on commitments is fundamental
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I choosed a good choice

I choosed a good choice by Nancy Knowlton
Happiness, it turns out, comes from a collection of a small, pleasant events, experienced on a daily basis. The more good interactions we have, the happier we are. Happiness is cumulative, and frequency trumps intensity.
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Love the one you’re with

Love the one you’re with by Nancy Knowlton
It’s up to us to control technology, rather than letting technology control us. Distractions will always occur when we’re with people, so we have to decide which is more important – to focus on the people or focus on the distracti
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Living with your choices

Living with your choices by Nancy Knowlton
The unpleasant experience of having someone betray my friendship years ago led me to be certain about the choices that I made. I wonder if he ever reflected on what he did. I am sure that he rationalized his behavior in a million
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You just never know

You just never know by Nancy Knowlton
In my experience, the best approach when working with a team involved in making a purchase decision is to assume everyone has a say rather than conclude one or two people will make the final call.
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