Respecting entrepreneurs – II

respect from dictionary
As business starters, Dave and I were under no illusion that anybody owed us anything (investment or business) or that we were important in any way.
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Respecting entrepreneurs – or not

vultures sitting on a dead tree
Raising capital is something that almost every entrepreneur must do to, in some cases, simply to survive, and, in other cases, to grow.
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Above the law – guilty and unrepentant

business man insider trading
We met a successful and well-known business person whose success had fed an oversized ego. Shortly after, he was found guilty of insider trading and sent to jail. What a waste.
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You’ve overachieved – complimenting a life choice

The winner is sign
Dave and I are both aware that we’ve been very lucky to have overachieved in our choice of a business and a life partner.
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Don’t invite us if you don’t want us to come

door with brick wall behind it
We’re sincere in our invitations to others to a discussion, dinner or party. We mean and do what we say and wish others would, too.
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Seeing below the surface

Two man exchanging money under a table
Annually, Intel went to great effort to bring together the CEOs of its investee companies to both deliver information about its strategy and allow CEOs to mix and mingle in an atmosphere that was conducive to forging business rela
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Making a difficult compensation conversation worse

Fragile handle with care box
Performance reviews and compensation discussions require diplomacy and sensitivity. Staff have long memories about what is said and done.
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Persistence – bringing an idea to life

Persistence – bringing an idea to life by Nancy Knowlton
Many years of running businesses has made me realize that never giving up and doggedly working on a problem often leads to success.
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A chance interaction with delighted customers

A chance interaction with delighted customers by Nancy Knowlton
It was a marvelous chance encounter with 2 young men who had enthusiastically used SMART Board interactive whiteboards in school.
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Shut out with 43 rejections

Shut out with 43 rejections by Nancy Knowlton
Our effort to enlist investors for SMART was for naught. No one would invest. With hindsight, that gave us the control we needed to grow the company.
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