Other Passions

A Thanksgiving present

Autumn leaves
I hadn’t ever thought about receiving (or giving) a gift for Thanksgiving, so receiving one was both a surprise and a joy.
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Maintaining a great relationship

Couple on motorcycle
Even though we've been married for close to 28 years, we keep it fresh and fun. A little silliness goes a long way in the very serious business of commitment. Sharing and caring is an important ingredient for happiness.
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Mini me

Sometimes life is about owning something just for the fun of it. My Mini expresses a part of me that is a little wild and crazy, even if it’s just for the length of a short commute.
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Confessions of a golf addict

Running hand in grass
For most of my life, I wasn't interested at all in golf.  Now, I'm thoroughly obsessed from a variety of angles.  Never saying never is a lesson I'm glad I keep getting to learn.
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