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Confessions of a golf addict

Running hand in grass
For most of my life, I wasn't interested at all in golf.  Now, I'm thoroughly obsessed from a variety of angles.  Never saying never is a lesson I'm glad I keep getting to learn.
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Getting to yes in negotiations

2 people negotiating
If you think about it, most human interactions are negotiations. All but the blandest exchanges lead to a deal, an arrangement, a transaction, a movement - in other words, an outcome.
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Changing the world

Person pushing heavy weight
From difficult beginnings to struggles with accelerating growth and competition, SMART was always more than taking a novel idea and making it into a successful product. It was a higher calling to change the world.
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21st-century students and skills

Schoolgirl using tablet computer
Some say the problem with education today is that many stakeholders have mindsets from the 20th century. Many students continue to endure a system that is not adequately preparing them with the skills needed to compete and succeed in this century.
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Transforming teaching and learning

Teacher at whiteboard
It's been said that if you had fallen asleep 100 years ago and awoke today, the only thing you'd recognize is a K-12 classroom. While this is often true, a transformation is taking place in hundreds of thousands of classrooms around the world.
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