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Recognizing and dealing with mental illness

chalkboard with help message
Tragedies occur all around us because of mental illness. We need to put our heads together and find a way to help with the problem. Inaction is not an option.
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Motivational posters can be so demotivating

blank posters on a wall
I have no idea who invented the motivational poster, but I am fairly certain that it was someone who knew little to nothing about human nature or motivation.
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Overdeveloped sense of self-importance

Man with ego
I’m not shocked to meet star athletes whose public and private personas differ. They’re simply star athletes until proven otherwise.
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Beware the gossip

giraffe yelling at another giraffe
My friendship with someone who loved to gossip did not work for me at all. That behavior made me very uncomfortable, so I had to stop the relationship to distance myself from something I disapproved of so strongly.
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Seeing below the surface

Two man exchanging money under a table
Annually, Intel went to great effort to bring together the CEOs of its investee companies to both deliver information about its strategy and allow CEOs to mix and mingle in an atmosphere that was conducive to forging business relationships.
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Little courtesies – getting a coffee

woman passing a man a coffee
A number of years ago when I was a chartered accountant working in one of the large CA firms, I used to regularly get coffee for my boss, one of the partners.
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Cocksure and arrogant

Man in fur coat smoking a cigar
Staying the course by working quietly and steadily with our customers was the best course of action compared to our competitor’s cocky approach.
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Be prepared to take the advice that you ask for – Part II

Girl dressed as a business women
When I was doing my MBA I took a course that required me to write a comprehensive business plan. It was my first attempt at doing something like this so I was open to advice and input from my prof and others. I sought out people who had both experience and perspective so that my plan
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