Dropping out – an education tragedy

Dropping out – an education tragedy by Nancy Knowlton
The rate at which children are dropping out of schools in North America is tragic. Raising the rate of graduation must be a local, regional and national imperative.
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Requiem for a dropout

Requiem for a dropout by Tony Mullen
I watched the large chicken jump up and down on the cold sidewalk, flapping its wings at passing motorists. A few cars stopped to snap photographs of the large hen and one teenage boy yelled "Get a real job!"
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When size matters

Childs had reaching
Assessing the needs of both students and teachers in the classroom, taking into account their different sizes, matters when choosing products to help the learning process. The fewer obstacles, the better experience for each individual.
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It’s about time

Closeup of clock hands
Making enough money to meet my expenses and desires was a priority for me for many years. As time has passed, I’ve come to realize that it’s the actual element of time that matters now. That has lead me to ask some questions about how time is looked at in education.
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Why I teach

Why I teach by Tony Mullen
The reasons why I teach are not straightforward or simple. They come from my experiences as a child and as an adult. I hope those experiences help me to better understand children in my classrooms.
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Right tool for the job

Hammer hitting nail
Desired student outcomes has to be top of mind when choosing the right tool or product in the classroom.
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What the OBE reminded us about giving thanks

What the OBE reminded us about giving thanks by Nancy Knowlton
Receiving awards that recognize achievements gives one pause to reflect on the many efforts of the people involved in the journey.
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At Buckingham Palace for Dave’s investiture

David Martin and Prince William
The whole process of receiving an OBE is quite quiet and, some would say, mysterious. It turned out to be an amazing day with Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, performing his first investiture, on the Queen’s behalf.
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