Reliable funding for tech in schools

Reliable funding for tech in schools by Nancy Knowlton
Technology products in classrooms are here to stay. Accepting that premise means finding a way to provide funding on an ongoing basis.
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Bullies by Tony Mullen
The young girl was left hanging from the tree. Everyone knew who she was but no one would step forward to cut the rope. She had few friends in life and fewer friends in death.
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The good in social mobility

The good in social mobility by Nancy Knowlton
I have been lucky to have benefited immensely from encouragement from others when I was growing up and years of hard work. In fact, I am a good example of what working for a better life coupled with access to education (and a little luck) can do for a person.
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Teachers as learners

Teachers as learners by Nancy Knowlton
Teachers today require multiple options to learn how to use new products. Investing in professional development will pay off by maximizing use of products for both teachers and students.
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Realizing a teaching and learning dream

Realizing a teaching and learning dream by Nancy Knowlton
Ask a group of teachers why they chose their profession, and the answer that you will most often hear is about making a difference in the lives of children. Most often, teachers were good students themselves, and they want nothing more than to impart the same love for learning that th
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The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come

The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come by Tony Mullen
My experience visiting one of my students in a correctional facility led me to reflect on the difficult lives some of them have. I hope everyone gets a chance to put their mistakes behind them so they lead happy, fulfilled lives.
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Thinking holistically about education

Thinking holistically about education by Nancy Knowlton
Thinking back to my participation in an Alberta government commission on education in 2002-3 has lead me to reflect on what other jurisdictions could and should do about their vision for education. It takes time and commitment to solicit input and then create a vision for education, b
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Teachers should be seen and not heard

Teachers should be seen not heard by Tony Mullen
I felt like a fly on the wall listening to numerous state governors, a state senator, a Harvard professor and author, and a moderator talk about their experiences at an education conference. When I finally spoke up, one by one they left the table.
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