Social media is so unsocial

Social media is so unsocial by Nancy Knowlton
Although social media can be fun and educational, it can make for a lonelier experience for people. Social media shouldn’t replace face-to-face interactions with friends and family, since we need that to be healthy and happy.
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If you’re going to lie, tell a whopper

If you’re going to lie, tell a whopper by Nancy Knowlton
It’s surprising how many limitations and lower expectations are placed on people as they age. Setting our own expectations about what we can and should be able to do is a good first step to destroying those limitations.
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I choosed a good choice

I choosed a good choice by Nancy Knowlton
Happiness, it turns out, comes from a collection of a small, pleasant events, experienced on a daily basis. The more good interactions we have, the happier we are. Happiness is cumulative, and frequency trumps intensity.
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The beauty of sleep

The beauty of sleep by Nancy Knowlton
Getting a good night’s sleep is fundamental to good health. It took me years to realize this, but I’m a convert today.
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We to me. Really?

We to me. Really? by Nancy Knowlton
I wonder about the shift from "we" to "me." I’m doubtful that our society can sustain itself if we don’t seek a balance of giving and taking.
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Washing hands – a health fundamental

Washing hands – a health fundamental by Nancy Knowlton
Washing hands is something we expect everyone to do, but surprisingly that’s not the case. It’s amazing how this one simple practice can reduce the transmission of disease.
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People say the craziest things

People say the craziest thing by Nancy Knowlton
I’ve been confounded and perturbed by some of the things I’ve heard people say over the years. Occasionally I have been left wondering why people make the choices they do.
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Get moving

Get moving by Nancy Knowlton
The difference in my activity level between my childhood days and when I started working was dramatic. It took a concerted effort to incorporate activity in my life again, but I’m glad I did.
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There’s always room at the top

There’s always room at the top by Nancy Knowlton
One of my coach’s mantras has resonated with me throughout my life because over time I believed he was right. Pushing my teammates and me to believe we could accomplish more helped us work hard to do so.
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Crazy-smart people

Crazy-smart people by Nancy Knowlton
Thinking back to questions I’ve had from people has lead me to think about the future and recognize that working with motivated, smart people is something I want to keep doing.
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