Broken trust – cheating off a friend

hand with cheating notes
Being passive when a friend cheated off me was my reaction as a teenager. I would have a stronger, more courageous reaction today.
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You’ve overachieved – complimenting a life choice

The winner is sign
Dave and I are both aware that we’ve been very lucky to have overachieved in our choice of a business and a life partner.
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Don’t invite us if you don’t want us to come

door with brick wall behind it
We’re sincere in our invitations to others to a discussion, dinner or party. We mean and do what we say and wish others would, too.
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Overdeveloped sense of self-importance

Man with ego
I’m not shocked to meet star athletes whose public and private personas differ. They’re simply star athletes until proven otherwise.
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Beware the gossip

giraffe yelling at another giraffe
My friendship with someone who loved to gossip did not work for me at all. That behavior made me very uncomfortable, so I had to stop the relationship to distance myself from something I disapproved of so strongly.
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Asbestos – a ticking time bomb

Asbestos – a ticking time bomb
I could never have imagined that my idyllic and carefree childhood would leave me with a nagging worry about my health. I just have to wait and see.
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100 Blog posts and counting

100 Blog posts and counting by Nancy Knowlton
We have crossed over a magic threshold – 100 posts to my blog. Something that started as a challenge from staff to document and share thoughts and experiences has turned into something quite substantial.
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Taking personal safety and freedom for granted

Taking personal safety and freedom for granted by Nancy Knowlton
Seeing a CEO of a Fortune 100 company being protected by bodyguards prodded me to reflect on safety and freedom. We shouldn’t take either for granted.
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Data-driven golf

Data-driven golf by Nancy Knowlton
When I read hard data, I try to learn from it. Surprisingly, many people find new data interesting but they don’t change their ways at all.
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Thoughts about the blog

Thoughts about the blog by Nancy Knowlton
Regularly writing articles for my blog has proven to be an enjoyable and interesting experience. I have lots of material to draw from because of my many years involved in high-level global business dealings.
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