Making sense of school rankings

Making sense of school rankings by Nancy Knowlton
It’s time to take a careful look at the whole process of annual school rankings. Reporting rankings based on data that doesn’t consider the makeup of the student base or prior results doesn’t tell the correct or full story.
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Local funding of U.S. education

Any holistic examination of education has to consider the local funding component. Poorer areas simply cannot provide the same opportunity as richer areas. Aggregating all school taxes at the state level presents an interesting al
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A Tale of Two Schools

Growing up in New York City presented many challenges but one of them was not dealing with snakes. I fear snakes. The very word snake elicits a creepy, tingling sensation around my ankles. But what benign synonym do I substitute f
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Generous by Nancy Knowlton
Teachers the world over are generous with their encouragement and criticism of their students, all for their development and success. Let’s extend our generosity back to those teachers and express our appreciation and respect for
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We Need a National Teacher Monument

We Need a National Teacher Monument by Tony Mullen
I'm remembering a visit a few months ago to Washington, where I strolled with tourists along the National Mall and past the museums and monuments so many of us came to see.
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School district consolidation

School district consolidation by Nancy Knowlton
Trying to improve something as large as education funding means all ideas need to be on the table, including some that at first blush appear to have challenges. Taking an approach of how school district consolidation could work is
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Reliable funding for tech in schools

Reliable funding for tech in schools by Nancy Knowlton
Technology products in classrooms are here to stay. Accepting that premise means finding a way to provide funding on an ongoing basis.
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Bullies by Tony Mullen
The young girl was left hanging from the tree. Everyone knew who she was but no one would step forward to cut the rope. She had few friends in life and fewer friends in death.
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The good in social mobility

The good in social mobility by Nancy Knowlton
I have been lucky to have benefited immensely from encouragement from others when I was growing up and years of hard work. In fact, I am a good example of what working for a better life coupled with access to education (and a litt
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Teachers as learners

Teachers as learners by Nancy Knowlton
Teachers today require multiple options to learn how to use new products. Investing in professional development will pay off by maximizing use of products for both teachers and students.
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