Everybody has a story – Herb

Everybody has a story – Herb by Nancy Knowlton
An experience many years ago when doing a junkyard audit reinforced for me that what is visible on the surface doesn’t necessarily tell the whole story about a person.
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A deal’s a deal

A deal’s a deal by Nancy Knowlton
Even if I haven’t been happy with some deals that have been made, I have always stuck to them. To do otherwise inconveniences plans others have made and ultimately is disrespectful. Following through on commitments is fundamental
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But we are French

But we are French
It’s imperative that we learn lessons from one another and from other countries and cultures, and learn them fast. If we wait for personal experience, progress will be too slow.
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Everybody has a story – the judge

Everybody has a story – the judge by Nancy Knowlton
My friendship years ago with an elderly judge taught me a lot about the twists and turns of life. I’m so glad we became friends.
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Love the one you’re with

Love the one you’re with by Nancy Knowlton
It’s up to us to control technology, rather than letting technology control us. Distractions will always occur when we’re with people, so we have to decide which is more important – to focus on the people or focus on the distracti
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There’s nothing like practice and preparation

There’s nothing like practice and preparation by Nancy Knowlton
My time spent as an elite basketball player helped to ingrain habits that I practice to this day. I appreciate the satisfaction and joy that comes from regular preparation and work.
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Wanting to win

Wanting to win by Nancy Knowlton
Whether in sports or other parts of life, playing the game with an unwavering desire to win brings out the greatest learning and satisfaction. Working cohesively with a team that wants to win, even in the face of recurring failure
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Great job, but…

Great job, but… by Nancy Knowlton
"But" is such a small word, and it’s tempting to use it in way too many situations. Leave it out of compliments and apologies.
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Living with your choices

Living with your choices by Nancy Knowlton
The unpleasant experience of having someone betray my friendship years ago led me to be certain about the choices that I made. I wonder if he ever reflected on what he did. I am sure that he rationalized his behavior in a million
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International business dealings

International business dealings by Nancy Knowlton
Trying to understand the subtleties of politics in countries around the world is tricky. My philosophy in all business transactions has been to engage honestly and sincerely and to let the product and business deal demonstrate the
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