Business Management

Little courtesies – getting a coffee

woman passing a man a coffee
A number of years ago when I was a chartered accountant working in one of the large CA firms, I used to regularly get coffee for my boss, one of the partners.
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Cocksure and arrogant

Man in fur coat smoking a cigar
Staying the course by working quietly and steadily with our customers was the best course of action compared to our competitor’s cocky approach.
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Be prepared to take the advice that you ask for – Part II

Girl dressed as a business women
When I was doing my MBA I took a course that required me to write a comprehensive business plan. It was my first attempt at doing something like this so I was open to advice and input from my prof and others. I sought out people who had both experience and perspective so that my plan
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Daily reflection – did you have a good day?

Woman concentrating
I believe that I am a good listener. Through the years I have learned a lot of valuable things from listening. Like many, I learn more when I am listening than when I am speaking.
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Be prepared to take the advice you ask for

Woman not listening
I dove in with great sincerity and good intentions to give her my honest insight and perspective. The dismissal felt like a bucket of cold water in the face.
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Friendship and humor – but we don’t like these people that much

Champagne and tuxedo
We’ve developed some really great relationships with people we’ve done business with over the years. Trust, friendship and helping one another out has led to respect and warmth, and you can’t put a price on that.
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Flame on, flame off – rude and aggressive communication

Flames and matches
Being told that giving fair warning about rude and disrespectful behavior then justified the behavior was astonishing and entirely unacceptable to me.
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Hey, it’s all about me – think again

Kid on microphone
Want to be a hit at an award ceremony in your honor? Smile, shake hands, credit your team and sit down.
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