Making a difficult compensation conversation worse

Fragile handle with care box
Performance reviews and compensation discussions require diplomacy and sensitivity. Staff have long memories about what is said and done.
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Time in role – a key to principal success

Vintage wine corks
To see improvement and success for teachers, students, parents and the community, principals must spend years in their role.
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Giving a great reference to get rid of a staff member

man crossing his fingers
Ridding yourself of a problem staff member by giving a false reference is plain wrong for so many reasons. You can’t make the problem someone else’s.
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Principals – a key to student success

African-American principal
Principals are the key leverage point in a school community to deliver on the vision of success for all students.
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Communications tip – conclude at the beginning

Red typewriter
No matter what I read – novel, report or plan – I read the conclusion first. I can absorb the material better when I know the ending.
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Beware – “I need to bring in my own people”

Beware – “I need to bring in my own people” by Nancy Knowlton
An executive candidate expected to bring his own people on board when he was hired. There were too many negative implications to this wholesale change out of staff, so I said no.
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