Firing the wrong person

Firing the wrong person by Nancy Knowlton
Bad firings are just that – bad. It is bad for the individual who is wrongly fired and bad for the organization. Staff know and that destroys trust.
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Caught in a lie

Caught in a lie by Nancy Knowlton
If you believe you are justified in pursuing a matter legally, make sure you do so honestly and have all the facts sorted out. It’s best to not get in a legal wrangle as in most instances it is only the lawyers who consistently wi
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One-finger help

One-finger help by Nancy Knowlton
Giving just the right amount of guidance and assistance is key in developing self-sufficiency and responsibility. Help too much and take away a person’s self-reliance and willingness to struggle. Help too little and set people up
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Feeling good about change

Feeling good about change by Nancy Knowlton
Growth and change are inevitable in companies, so it’s prudent to acknowledge that and assess how you can adapt to ensure you’re happy in your job.
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Gym class for a lifetime

Gym Class for a lifetime by Nancy Knowlton
It is accepted that regular physical activity is necessary for good mental and physical health, so I think phys ed should be a core school subject.
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Cultivating curiosity

Cultivating curiosity by Nancy Knowlton
Our experience with our very curious and bright goddaughter demonstrated that encouraging questions and creativity has countless rewards.
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