Here’s a crazy idea

Here’s a crazy idea by Nancy Knowlton
If you check yourself before using inauthentic words such as "here’s a crazy idea," you will be considered a serious contributor with serious and valuable insight. It’s also a good mental exercise to carefully consider what you wa
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Whipping the mule

Whipping the mule by Nancy Knowlton
It’s a good idea to understand what motivates you when you become an entrepreneur. You might be surprised to figure out that money isn’t the only driving force or even the prime motivator.
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Digital Media Pioneer Award from Grand

Digital Media Pioneer Award from Grand by Nancy Knowlton
Last week Dave and I received an award from Grand, Canada’s Digital Media Network Centres of Excellence, at its annual conference held in Ottawa. It was a lovely event, mostly because the people who were involved in the award conv
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100 Blog posts and counting

100 Blog posts and counting by Nancy Knowlton
We have crossed over a magic threshold – 100 posts to my blog. Something that started as a challenge from staff to document and share thoughts and experiences has turned into something quite substantial.
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Manners matter

Manners matter by Nancy Knowlton
As life becomes more hectic and the world more populated, the way in which we interact with each other has never been more important. Good manners can keep the strain and tension out of interactions and make all relationships easi
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Four rules about calling yourself a thought leader

Four rules about calling yourself a thought leader by Nancy Knowlton
Think carefully before using grandiose terms like "thought leader." Let others bestow such titles on you, whether while you’re alive or when you’re dead.
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A Child’s First Teacher

A Child's First Teacher by Tony Mullen
My mother died and then she disappeared. The last time I saw her was when she was lying on the kitchen floor. I thought she fainted because the oven door was open and the room was very hot.
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Taking personal safety and freedom for granted

Taking personal safety and freedom for granted by Nancy Knowlton
Seeing a CEO of a Fortune 100 company being protected by bodyguards prodded me to reflect on safety and freedom. We shouldn’t take either for granted.
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Holding my tongue

Holding my tongue by Nancy Knowlton
Wanting to respond quickly to defend yourself or the company you work for when unreasonable allegations occur is a natural reaction. I have found that initially holding my tongue and more broad-based thinking and due consideration
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Give ’til it hurts

Give 'til it hurts by Nancy Knowlton
Financial decisions are a personal matter, so pressure to contribute to worthy causes has no place in any staff member’s day-to-day work experience.
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