Thoughts about the blog

Regularly writing articles for my blog has proven to be an enjoyable and interesting experience. I have lots of material to draw from because of my many years involved in high-level global business dealings.

Thoughts about the blog by Nancy Knowlton

I started writing this blog project about 6 months ago at the request of some on our team who wanted me to share my view from years of high-level global business dealings. Not only have I had a broad range of experiences, but I have gone deep in many areas. Putting the many stories and lessons onto paper has been interesting and validating. I’ve learned a lot from the many experiences that I have had, and I am happy to share perspectives on a variety of fronts.

Me, myself and I

Many friends and colleagues have said that they are surprised at the volume of materials and the range of topics. Some have asked if I have someone working with me to ghostwrite the pieces. No, I have written all of the pieces myself, or in some cases, guest contributors like Tony Mullen have produced them. If there is no reference to another person, then you know that I wrote the piece. But that’s it. It’s just me, myself and I on the writing front, and it will continue to be so.

The joy of writing

Others have asked where I find the time to get my thoughts down on paper (the proverbial paper). It’s been surprisingly easy for me to do this. I travel frequently, and there’s time on flights for uninterrupted thinking and writing. I am an early riser and that, too, is a great opportunity for writing. Alone in the kitchen with the news in the background, I can write a lot quite quickly. One thing that helps in the process is that I keep a variety of topics and subjects live at any point in time (something in the range of 15 to 20) so that I have a large choice of subjects on which to write. Something always seems to flow freely, and I haven’t yet suffered from writer’s block. I also have a good number of articles completed awaiting publication, so that takes off the pressure to complete something with a deadline looming large.

I am also asked where I find my inspiration, and this is probably the easiest question of all to answer – from life and living, of course. One gift my mother gave me from my childhood was the directive and example to be observant. She demonstrated an amazing ability to remember the location of the possessions that her 5 children often left strewn about the house, and in turn I learned to do so as well. These observations are great blog starters for me.

No casual walk through life

In high school a teacher challenged me to form an opinion or perspective on everything – there could be no casual walk through life without a judgment being made. That too is part of what helps me with materials for my blog posts. As I have experienced life and living, I have consciously learned lessons and judged that situation for its impact on me and my own choices.

Keeping it fun

And a final question is about how long I will continue with the blog. The simple answer is that I’ll do so as long as it continues to be fun. Fun for me is having something to say, not struggling to get it out and getting some positive feedback from friends and readers that the articles were meaningful to them. I’m enjoying the variety and the fun of doing something to a level of depth and quality that is meaningful for me.

While I’m the writer, others on the team lend their able support. An editor picks up whatever grammatical and punctuation mistakes I may have made as well as tightens up my writing. Others on the team do the actual publishing, graphics selection and website design and maintenance. It’s a real team effort to produce the blog that makes us all proud.

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