Being a best customer

Being a best customer by Nancy Knowlton
I don’t like being abused as a customer simply because I don’t resort to yelling at contractors to get them to deliver on their commitments. Holding contractors to account and still behaving in a way that is appropriate to me is t
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Thoughts about the blog

Thoughts about the blog by Nancy Knowlton
Regularly writing articles for my blog has proven to be an enjoyable and interesting experience. I have lots of material to draw from because of my many years involved in high-level global business dealings.
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Mixing business and politics

Mixing business and politics by Nancy Knowlton
My invitation to what I presumed was a business luncheon, only to find out it was a political fundraiser, reinforced the view Dave and I share that politics has no place in the business world.
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Human resources? Never!

Human resources? Never! by Nancy Knowlton
Thinking about things from someone else’s perspective has always been my practice. "Human resources" does not conjure up a positive image and it doesn’t adequately express services that the function provides.
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Social media is so unsocial

Social media is so unsocial by Nancy Knowlton
Although social media can be fun and educational, it can make for a lonelier experience for people. Social media shouldn’t replace face-to-face interactions with friends and family, since we need that to be healthy and happy.
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Do nothing, say nothing, be nothing

Do nothing, say nothing, be nothing by Nancy Knowlton
While we may think about financial risk in entrepreneurship, there’s another risk inherent in taking the leap – criticism. If you want to make the leap to entrepreneurship, you need to grow a thick skin.
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Everybody has a story – Bob, the artist

Everybody has a story – Bob, the artist by Nancy Knowlton
Through the years I saw a friend imprison himself in guilt over actions that he took to save his own life as a young man facing impossible choices. As a consequence, I vowed to be easier on myself on my own less-than-perfect journ
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If you’re going to lie, tell a whopper

If you’re going to lie, tell a whopper by Nancy Knowlton
It’s surprising how many limitations and lower expectations are placed on people as they age. Setting our own expectations about what we can and should be able to do is a good first step to destroying those limitations.
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Everybody has a story – Herb

Everybody has a story – Herb by Nancy Knowlton
An experience many years ago when doing a junkyard audit reinforced for me that what is visible on the surface doesn’t necessarily tell the whole story about a person.
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A deal’s a deal

A deal’s a deal by Nancy Knowlton
Even if I haven’t been happy with some deals that have been made, I have always stuck to them. To do otherwise inconveniences plans others have made and ultimately is disrespectful. Following through on commitments is fundamental
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