The beauty of sleep

The beauty of sleep by Nancy Knowlton
Getting a good night’s sleep is fundamental to good health. It took me years to realize this, but I’m a convert today.
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Love the one you’re with

Love the one you’re with by Nancy Knowlton
It’s up to us to control technology, rather than letting technology control us. Distractions will always occur when we’re with people, so we have to decide which is more important – to focus on the people or focus on the distracti
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There’s nothing like practice and preparation

There’s nothing like practice and preparation by Nancy Knowlton
My time spent as an elite basketball player helped to ingrain habits that I practice to this day. I appreciate the satisfaction and joy that comes from regular preparation and work.
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Wanting to win

Wanting to win by Nancy Knowlton
Whether in sports or other parts of life, playing the game with an unwavering desire to win brings out the greatest learning and satisfaction. Working cohesively with a team that wants to win, even in the face of recurring failure
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Great job, but…

Great job, but… by Nancy Knowlton
"But" is such a small word, and it’s tempting to use it in way too many situations. Leave it out of compliments and apologies.
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Living with your choices

Living with your choices by Nancy Knowlton
The unpleasant experience of having someone betray my friendship years ago led me to be certain about the choices that I made. I wonder if he ever reflected on what he did. I am sure that he rationalized his behavior in a million
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International business dealings

International business dealings by Nancy Knowlton
Trying to understand the subtleties of politics in countries around the world is tricky. My philosophy in all business transactions has been to engage honestly and sincerely and to let the product and business deal demonstrate the
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Mind the gap

Mind the gap by Nancy Knowlton
Experiences in your day-to-day life can lead to thinking about things that could be changed. Before you know it, you could have an idea that you want to bring to life that can translate into a successful business.
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Beware the mean-spirited and nasty

Beware the mean-spirited and nasty by Nancy Knowlton
Through many years of running businesses, I’ve unfortunately encountered some mean-spirited and nasty people. My recommendation is to recognize them for who they are and terminate the relationship as soon as possible.
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Don’t talk to me about balance

Don't talk to me about balance by Nancy Knowlton
As long as people have a say about the amount of time they spend on work versus other activities, it’s likely they’ll feel they’ve achieved the right work-life balance for them. It really should be a personal choice, and it’s not
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