Crazy-smart people

Thinking back to questions I’ve had from people has lead me to think about the future and recognize that working with motivated, smart people is something I want to keep doing.

Crazy-smart people by Nancy Knowlton

You have to imagine that I have been asked to do some crazy things through the years, and many of those things have to do with photo shoots. Wear a basketball uniform and shoot baskets at the gym? No. How about standing back to back with Dave looking out into the distance? No. Funky shot from the floor looking up at me with my arms crossed? No, no, NO.

Personal life

I have also been asked to divulge some really personal things. I will do a lot for business, but the really personal, no way. How about telling who is in my inner circle of friends? No, my inner circle is MY inner circle and they don’t consent to seeing their names in print. Besides, why is this important? And how can it possibly be interesting in the context of anything?

Working with people

But occasionally a question resonates, and I really have to think about the answer. Most recently I was asked about what I had at the top of my list for my next act in business. After some thinking I settled on one thing – I want to work with crazy-smart people who have great attitudes.

I want to work with people who get things quickly, who see the issues that aren’t so evident to everyone. People who see not just a single answer but multiple ways of being successful or overcoming a problem. People who are team players and who work with others to create something from the ground up, who have the emotional intelligence to build on the ideas of other people when they see the goodness in their approaches.

I have worked with some great people through the years, and I want to have that experience many times over in the future. There’s nothing like it for me.

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