Dropping out – an education tragedy

Dropping out – an education tragedy by Nancy Knowlton
The rate at which children are dropping out of schools in North America is tragic. Raising the rate of graduation must be a local, regional and national imperative.
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Requiem for a dropout

Requiem for a dropout by Tony Mullen
I watched the large chicken jump up and down on the cold sidewalk, flapping its wings at passing motorists. A few cars stopped to snap photographs of the large hen and one teenage boy yelled "Get a real job!"
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Sitting is the new smoking

Stand or sit all day – what do you think is best for your body? Through lots of reading, I’ve discovered that doing both regularly throughout the workday is the healthiest approach.
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Disabled temporarily

Disabled Temporarily by Nancy Knowlton
Experiencing what it is like to be disabled, even if it’s only for a couple of months, brings awareness about accessibility. Much has been done, but so much more could be done.
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Encouraging and developing people

Encouraging and developing people by Nancy Knowlton
Lessons I learned early in life through owning a dog and through being a basketball player stand true today. Being positive and gentle and encouraging go a long way in bringing out the best in animals and people.
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When size matters

Childs had reaching
Assessing the needs of both students and teachers in the classroom, taking into account their different sizes, matters when choosing products to help the learning process. The fewer obstacles, the better experience for each indivi
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